Short introduction about importance of advertisement.

The term Advertise refers to turn the attention of the people by creating awareness in them to purchase the product or services through Social media, Radio, Newpapers, Tv channels, Posters, Hoardings etc.

In the present day world, advertising plays a crucial role in all the areas as it is the key to promote and market services or products.

It encourages people to purchase goods or services thus contributes for all around development of the country‘s economy by increasing the demand for the consumption of goods and services.

“Advertisement” can be made through any notice, circular, label, wrapper, document, hoarding or any other audio or visual representation by means of light, sound, smoke or gas.

Effective advertising depends on the mode of advertisement as it creates more demand for the production of goods and services which in turn increases employment opportunities.

Earlier, advertisement deals are used to be made by phone,fax,emails etc, Now much of it is done by using purpose built digital marketplaces.

In today’s world with the rapid growth of technology advertisement has become everywhere online via computer or any Smartphone.

The process how ads are bought, displayed, tracked, sold is critical from giants to smallest publishers.

Now We will know why we need our application called AdBello??

The reason is :

There are many websites which allow us to book and publish our ads in Newspapers ,TV, Radio, Hoardings or Internet.

But we have bought all these categories into one app where users can book the available ad’s space and publish their ads using one single app instead of searching different websites for different ad categories.

This has many advantages which will save Advertiser’s and publisher’s time moreover its cost effective.




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